Laundry-Bathroom Combo — The Ultimate Space Saver!

Laundry-Bathroom Combo — The Ultimate Space Saver!

With the right layout, a laundry-bathroom combo can be an incredible space saver. Here’s why we love them.


They go hand-in-hand

Combining these areas really is a win-win. Both are wet-areas that require bench space, storage, and plumbing — they have a lot in common when it comes to fitouts. In most homes, standalone laundries and bathrooms are separated by a single wall. Combining the two spaces involves knocking this wall down, not necessarily building an extension. The end result is often a much larger bathroom with a neat laundry nook including laundry sink and ample storage for all your washing, ironing, and drying essentials.

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Practical layouts & storage

Thanks to innovative modern designs, your washer and dryer can be squeezed into seemingly impossible spaces. They can be easily stacked, hidden away behind a cupboard door, or tucked under a bathroom vanity. This means your bathroom can remain a sanctuary while still being a functional domestic space.

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As well as being space-efficient, everyday chores seem to be less time-consuming. Many of our clients who have taken this route find they’re more on top of laundry because it’s easy to throw the washing on before jumping into a morning routine. Or, folding clothes while little ones are in the bath because you’re right there in the same room.

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Picturing a laundry-bathroom in your home?

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